The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Nature Partnership (LNP) was established in 2012 and is one of 48 strategic local nature partnerships formed in England following publication of the 2011 Natural Environment White Paper.

The partnership is made up of a wide range of local organisations, from local government to charities, all of whom recognise the value of the natural environment of the two counties.  Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are blessed with a range of exceptional natural assets which are well recognised but are undervalued and under pressure.

Members of the partnership believe that a healthy natural environment is critical to economic prosperity and the health and wellbeing of society, and therefore investing in nature is essential for a sustainable future.  As LNP members, the partners agree to support the aims of the LNP as below:

  • Protect and improve the natural environment on land and at sea – creating bigger, better and more joined up places for nature – in line with the vision and recommendations of Sir John Lawton’s Making Space for Nature report.
  • Promote a sustainable green economy – in which economic prosperity and the health of our natural resources sustain each other.
  • Reconnect people and nature – strengthening the connections between people and nature and improving the health of both.
  • Promote the need to invest in nature for the many benefits and ecosystem services it provides and to put its value at the heart of decision making right across the two counties.


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